Flying the Reaver in Gears of War 2

While it is an unusually slow time for video game news, there is apparently an unending well of information regarding Gears of War 2.

Some new Gears of War 2 screenshots were released today, showing off some more of the game’s gorgeous visuals and fairly varied locales. While somewhat similar, they at least look more colorful than the first game, which was mostly just brown places. One of the screenshots in particular that is eye-grabbing is the shot of the heroes atop a flying Reaver, escaping from some terrible and gigantic beast-thing. Hype level: rising.

Source- Xbox360Fanboy

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One thought on “Flying the Reaver in Gears of War 2”

  1. Huh. Epic is doing a very good job of promoting this game in my opinion. While they are definitely in a PR-blitz right now, they don’t seem to be over-doing it. Instead of bombarding us with screen-shots, or being extra cryptic, Epic is giving us just the right amount of Gears love.

    I’m very interested in this game. Gears of War one got me hooked on the use of cover in shooters, and I’d love to see Gears 2 iterate on that formula. Any games with flamethrowers and chainsaw bayonets are a win in my book.

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