Machinima: Oil’s Well

I’m not sure just how many of you are familiar with Machinima, but one of my favorite machinimakers out there is Ross Scott, who makes a little series in Half Life 2 called Civil Protection. These episodes star Mike and David, two combines who patrol the streets of City 17 and have humorous antics.

However, in the newest short, he has them talking about today’s oil crisis. I’ve always been really impressed with Scott’s camera work and manipulation of the Source engine, knowing a little about Hammer (the editor) myself. I’m pretty much in awe of some of what he pulls off here.

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6 thoughts on “Machinima: Oil’s Well”

  1. About time scott! hehe
    I was surprised how he explained the facts about the oil crisis. It’s all true, well excepted from the Alien invasion part.

    But, Im not worrying of oil, since I use a bicycle. You guys should too.

  2. wow, that was amazing.

    I wonder how he did all those movements. They looked great.

    And all those locations, those maps. Daaaaamn.
    Great work, great dialog to.

    And yeah, riding a bike is nice.
    But I’m normally to lazy for that.

  3. Haha I laughed.

    Its good they can be political and still include comedy.
    Sad part is, they are right, we wont change things because people are still all just “let them (later generations) deal with it”

    Pray for aliens? hahaha

  4. I’m glad he started doing more civil protection. He’s been busy with freeman’s mind lately but was still able to squeeze this out. All of his work is pretty great.

  5. This needs to be brought up in Presidential Debate #2. lol
    Funny stuff, especially because I’m energy-conscience.

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