Halo Wars Gameplay Footage

Well, it’s a rather slow weekend in terms of video game news, so at the risk of turning into Halo-sushi, I thought I’d post some Halo Wars actual gameplay footage, rather than just the trailer from the other night. It seems to be standard RTS fare, with that Halo-rific twist on the gameplay.

It actually seems to work pretty well from the screen, and is probably simple to control to boot, given that it’s designed for the 360. I do worry about how fun the game will be though, considering that there seems to only be 2 races, Covenant and Human. I doubt we’ll see the Flood making any appearances. Thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Halo Wars Gameplay Footage”

  1. It looks pretty good, but then again, I’ve only seen a bit…
    Interesting game, though. Looking forward to it.

  2. There’s interesting gameplay twists such as spartans hijacking other vehicles and what not. Just remember, this game was MADE for the 360 from the ground up if there was ever a good console RTS this would be it.

  3. I dunno. RTS makes me feel iffy on this. We will see. It doesn’t look bad at all. It looks really neat. Just RTS never was huge for me.

    Yet I love D.O.W. and am eagerly awaiting D.O.W. II

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