Bungie Introduces “BuTube”

Ok, it’s not really called that, but hey, a man’s got to dream. For those of you that play Halo 3, this will be some rather cool news. And even if you don’t, it’s kind of a crazy step forward in terms of console conline communities go, that you can look forward to seeing in your favorite games down the road.

Bungie is adding a feature on their site in the near future that will allow Halo 3 players to upload their saved film files and then render them into WMV files. That’s right, you don’t need a capture card any longer to share your video clips with the Web.

Right now, saved films can only be played on a 360, but with this feature, users will instantly be able to upload and convert films. As far as consoles go, this seems to be way ahead of the curve in terms of connectivity and community. I have to say, I’m impressed. I wonder how their servers will hold up under that kind of bombardment.

Even though I only play Halo 3 occasionally, this is kind of cool news for that random game that I’d like to show somebody via YouTube. And it’s definitely really cool for people interested in making machinima that don’t have access to a capture card.

What about you guys? Thoughts? Will any of you actually use this feature?

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11 thoughts on “Bungie Introduces “BuTube””

  1. Will it change at all how you capture your footage from it or is not going to be able to save at a High Resolution?

    I mean I know you guys use a capture card for footage would this be faster better or at all improvement in anyway?

  2. Bungie are cool. I wnt a 360 now… Actually no, I dont want to play russian roulette every time I boot the thing up

  3. Yes, very nice feature. But as killerkb says, there is going to be a lot of ‘bad’ machinima out. Well I guess you have to start from that before being in the top ten machinima group.

  4. This sounds like an amazing idea, and I frankly I have to say, “Hell. It’s about time.” (lol) Anyway, I’ve had an idea for a Halo 3 machinima, but thanks to my lack of capture card – since I was too lazy, too stingy, and not smart enough to know where to buy a capture card – I never really made it. Thanks to BuTube, maybe I’ll make that Machinima.

    Although I can just see, like, DigitalPH33R and Rooster Teeth snorting at this feature as ‘the easy way’. They’ll be like, “When I was your age, we had to use capture cards!” lol

  5. I failed to read that bungie update but this really sounds like something that will be awesome. Iv been waiting for this. Im a firm believer that it should be mandatory all FPS games have replays like Halo 3 introduced.

    I cant wait for this. Ill be saving SO Much more now that I can put then on a 500GB HD instead 😀 😀

    I cant wait for the Bungie.net updates. They have those BLOG cards that will be coming up to, has all the stats on it.

  6. A blessing and a curse.

    The curse being you will get more 8 year old kids making crappy machinima series.

    The blessing is no more camcorder machinimas, and the quality for people using capture cards may be improved depending upon the quality of these videos.

    We shall see.

  7. “I wnt a 360 now… Actually no, I dont want to play russian roulette every time I boot the thing up”

    Haha, it’s funny because you completely over-exaggerated it!

    As long as you aren’t a complete retard in 360 placement, you’ll be fine. Seriously, god damn, people.

  8. Haha, yeah, it’s a tad overblown. If that’s all that’s keeping someone from getting a 360 (which has a 3 year warranty), it’s pretty lame.

  9. I never had one single problem with my 360 since the day I got it.

    It only froze onces. Not even those red ring things. It just froze.

    Thats it.

    Other then that, you’d have to be really dumb screwing up your 360 so hard, to actually get those ring things.

    btw, when will this feature launch?

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