Rumor: Revealing the KOTOR MMO

The long-rumored (and sort of confirmed by EA) KOTOR MMO has been a thing of legend over the last few months. As a joint venture between LucasArts and Bioware, it’s got fanboys (namely, me) chomping at the bit for any kind of official confirmation or piece of news to show that dear sweet Lord, it is true.

Well, according to CVG, that news is coming soon. Like, in just a few weeks.

Personally, I’m dying to hear something about this game, seeing as how KOTOR is one of my favorite games of all time. I’ve never allowed myself to touch an RPG, but for this, I just might have to break those rules.

What about you guys? Excited about a KOTOR MMO?

Source- CVG

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3 thoughts on “Rumor: Revealing the KOTOR MMO”

  1. Ugh, this will suck. Why? Because I dont ever want to play another MMO. I WONT play this one if I have to pay.

    Thing is I agree with Eddy, KOTOR was AWESOME! I never beat the game, but I loved playing it.

    Star Wars Galaxies never took off though. It will need to be VERY KOTORish, and not some Star Wars WoW

    Ugh, MMOs…

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