MOD Squad Weekend on Steam

Got Steam? Like MODs?

Well, this is your lucky weekend, because Valve is making a new effort to push community-created MODs. To show their undying love to you, the gamers, they are releasing, free of charge, 5 new Source MODs for anyone that already has a Half-Life 2 property installed on their computer. Also, you can grab HL2: Episode 1 for just $4.99.

All in all, the MODs look pretty great. I’m particularly interested in Age of Chivalry and Zombie Panic. There’s also Synergy, which allows friends to play through HL2 co-operatively. What are you waiting for? Go get your free games!

Source (no pun intended)- Steam

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One thought on “MOD Squad Weekend on Steam”

  1. I have all of them atm lol.

    I just got them off of their respective websites.

    AOC is pretty fun 🙂

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