Nintendo: New Wii Punch-Out!

Not sure how many of you remember the old school boxer title Punch Out! from the original NES, but it seems that Nintendo is giving the series a slight makeover and then reviving it on the Nintendo Wii.

There aren’t really any other details besides the screen here, but I’ll definitely be following this one pretty closely. I still have fond memories of that game, not to mention the epic training music and montage that went up before the big fights. I’m pretty excited to see this announcement, that’s for sure. What about you guys?

Source- NintendoWiiFanboy

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo: New Wii Punch-Out!”

  1. This could be awesome, but I get the idea that Nintendo will dumb it down for the pseudo-gamers on the Wii.

    You will probably be able to take like 45 punches and just waggle the controller and have full health again.

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