Lame: GamePro’s Best PC Games

So a few weeks ago, I cried foul about GamePro’s not-so-great “Best 360 Games” list. Well, I’m here to break it to you: the newest installment, “The 32 Best PC Games of All Time”? Even worse. Yes, believe it.

Once again, I understand that this is all opinion, but just take a gander at the positioning of some of these great games, and where they fall. To give you a little hint: Doom, even though it’s perhaps one of the most influential games of all time, didn’t even land on the list, and World of Warcraft is declared the number one PC game of all time.

Several games in the top 10 alone are XBox or XBox360 ports, finishing above the likes of games like Half-Life 2 and Diablo II. Heck, they’ve got Peggle clocking in at number 5!

A few other gripes I have are the fact that Oblivion was included but not the original PC hit, Morrowind. And for the record: Crysis should never be listed as being better “all time” than the original Half-Life or Grim Fandango. I’m also a little puzzled at the inclusion of Quake III Arena over say, Quake I or Quake II, which were just better games.

So once again, feel free to agree/disagree. I’m not disputing any of these games’ place on the list (except the XBox ports, perhaps), it’s just the placement of them seems all over the place.

What are your favorite PC games of all time?

Source- GamePro

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8 thoughts on “Lame: GamePro’s Best PC Games”

  1. …..WoW cannot be considered #1. No way in hell. Its an MMO, which shouldn’t even count because they hold one factor for them and that’s being like crack.

    No surprise on 360 #1, but its NOT the best… I think they are going off of how many/much people play. Stupid way to go about the ‘best’ list.

    PC list is pretty good in its last few (save WoW which is total crap) Quake 3 Arena is rightfully up in the top, along with Oblivion. yea they needed to put in older games, Doom should be on that list, hell I would put the Doom series in WoW place, everyone played. Even my DAD played Doom!

  2. See, I found both Quake I and Quake II to be better in terms of the whole game. Quake II was the first game I played online, I believe. Either that or the first Rainbow Six.

  3. Quake 3 Arena I think wins out over those two because of its huge online multiplayer. I remember playing that back before I even owned a PS2 on my dads old MAC computers, those monitor ones that came in all the colors. Haha that game ruled, with people rail-gunning and changing heads on bodies. Good times

  4. Good god, GamePro DOES have it all wrong! Here’s my top 5 BEST OF – because I can. (for PC, and then for 360)

    5. Command and Conquer series
    4. Counter Strike (Source, I guess)
    3. Doom
    2. The Orange Box
    1. Half-Life 1

    Xbox 360
    5. GTA 4
    4. Mass Effect
    3. Halo 3
    2. Call of Duty 4
    1. BioShock

  5. Meh, I agree with some of the list but the order was horrible and some of those games shouldn’t have been on the list at all.

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