EA Cancels Tiberium, Comment Fight Ensues

Nothing like a good old fashioned blog war. In case you hadn’t heard, EA has canceled Tiberium, the sci-fi RTS/FPS that had you playing as generic space marines fighting some generic bad guys. Wait, why was this canceled again? I think there’s a market for that.

Anywho, what’s even crazier than this game getting canceled is the comment fight that erupted at Gamasutra, where several disgruntled developers have weighed in on what the real development problems were with the game, naming names and crucifying producers and execs.

It’s good soap opera stuff, and very rarely do you get this kind of glance inside the gaming world. It should be noted that there’s always a chance these could be posers, but the level of detail suggests it’s the juicy real deal. I’ve heard that things can be rough at EA, but some of the stuff that is spewed from these angry and unemployed dudes is pretty wild.

Were any of you looking forward to this game?

Source- Gamasutra, from Kotaku

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3 thoughts on “EA Cancels Tiberium, Comment Fight Ensues”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of EA. Sequel churning being one of their many taboo practices. Bastards.

  2. Yeah, EA is basically the company that lets everyone drink their milkshake. They sell out to movie guys to do those hideous movie-games. I mean, there have been quite a few EA games that were good, and quite a few good recent ones. BFBC, Assassin’s Creed, and others that I can’t remember. Problem is, EA only SPONSERS these games. They’re never working on a game BY THEMSELVES. It’s either “team up with Dice and make another Battlefield” or “make a shitty movie-game.
    Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to this Tiberium Wars – it was another Space Marine shooter, and I think Halo and maybe Mass Effect and possibly Call of Duty Kajillion: Future Warfare fills that fetish for me. Still, I foresee EA will become the source and topic of much Video Game Industry debate and the like in future decades.

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