New Final Fantasy for the Wii

Since the Tokyo Game Show is on its way soon, you can expect tons of new info to come out of Japan like this over the next few weeks. In the newest issue of Shonen Jump, Square Enix has dropped that a new FF: Crystal Chronicles game is coming to the Wii in January.

The new game is called Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It’s no Final Fantasy XIII, but hey, Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy. Apparently, it’s coming to the DS too, and will allow online playability between DS and Wii users.

While I never played the original FF: Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube, I was always intrigued by it. I never really had 4 friends with GBA’s to get the full experience going, so hopefully Nintendo doesn’t make the DS connectivity a requirement, like it did with so many games back in the GC days. Having to buy all of those extra peripherals just to play with friends is a major pain.

What about you guys? Did any of you get to spend any time with the Crystal Chronicles franchise?

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9 thoughts on “New Final Fantasy for the Wii”

  1. Yeah, every one of them cept for the Wii one. I like them, but if it wasn’t for the Final Fantasy name, I likely would have ignored them.

  2. I was kinda disappointed with last year’s Game show. The only booth interesting was Microsoft. All the other was Anime and fudge like that. But that was last year.
    Lot changes in a year.

  3. FF: Crystal Chronicles was a huge waste of my money for the GC. IT was such a pain in the ass game. And little fun.

  4. Never have played any of the FF series, but DS to Wii online playability, wow I want to see how that works. That to me is an interesting concept.

  5. Active time like the original CC or active time like FFX-2 (I’m only 16 so if there was one earlier I wouldn’t know)

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