Make Way for the New DS

While lots of rumors and speculations have been swirling about a looming announcement from Nintendo, it seems that someone has finally broken a story. MCV is reporting that tomorrow morning, Nintendo is going to be announcing a brand new and upgraded model of the Nintendo DS.

Apparently, this DS is going to be designed to compete with the PSP, which is kind of rocking the DS in terms of sales recently. While nobody knows all of the additional features, it seems that it’s going to feature both an MP3 player as well as a camera of some kind. Looking forward to seeing more about this tomorrow. Who else is excited about the new DS?

Source- MCV

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6 thoughts on “Make Way for the New DS”

  1. I doubt this true but even if it is, I don’t think I’ll be buying a 3rd DS. My DS Lite is good enough for me.

  2. I still have my original DS, which I usually refer it as the “Tank”.

    If I put it in my pocket it looks like I have a super tumor.

  3. I actually gave my original DS, I call it the DS Dinosaur, to one of my friends. I couldn’t sell it to a game store becasue the barcode on the back had almost completely disappeared so they wouldn’t take it.

  4. Yeah, I had the original GINORMOUS DS until my wife traded it in and got me a DS Lite for my birthday one year. I was excited.

  5. [quote comment=”933″]I might just get one of these…

    If the rumors are true, that is.[/quote]

    What rumors would those be?

    I still own my DS Lite as well but honestly I wont get another one. I wish that Mario Kart DS had been more popular online. That was fun haha

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