How To Get A GamerSushi Avatar

I see that while many of you have registered, not everyone knows how to get a fun picture next to your name when you leave comments. That’s because you haven’t signed up for Gravatar yet.

Gravatar is an online tool that is essentially a universal avatar system. Basically, you’ll have the same avatar for any website that uses Gravatar instead of having to set up a new picture for every profile you create. It’s pretty cool, and it’s ridiculously easy to sign up for, so you should go get a Gravatar.

Swamped! Too Many Games, Not Enough Time

I used to have so much time to play video games. When I was a kid, if I got a new game, it would keep me going for months. At Christmas time, when I got a bunch of new games, I was set until NEXT Christmas. Continue reading Swamped! Too Many Games, Not Enough Time

Half Life 2 Meets Mr. Cruise

So in possibly one of the freakiest mashups ever, a new video titled “The Combine Interview” is a re-imagining of that Tom Cruise scientology promo with characters and story elements from Half-Life 2. Seriously.

This thing is all kinds of messed up and all kinds of awesome. Two interesting tastes that taste kind of screwed up together.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to run along and find Gordon Freeman.

Source- Digg

Square Enix Goes Mad With Power

In a shockingly ironic turn of events, Square Enix has become a corporation bent on raping the planet of its natural resources, draining valuable mako directly from the Earth’s surface. Oh wait, that last bit isn’t true, but somebody at Square Enix is smoking something, and I want in.

This might be an unprecedented move, but it seems Squenix is thinking about charging for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII demo, which was set to appear packaged with the Blu Ray version of Advent Children Complete for free. The 90 minute long demo might end up being sold separately from the film after it comes out.

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Wii-markable Case Mods

While browsing the interwebz as I am wont to do, I stumbled across a particularly cool piece over at WiiFanboy that I just had to share. They’ve put a gallery together of 5 of the most ridiculously awesome case mods that they’ve seen for the Wii.

They’re actually incredible on so many levels, particularly the Mario Galaxies and the Zelda mods. Sometimes, I wish I had the artistic ability and technical know-how to pull off such a feat, and then I remember that I am worthless. Anywho, go check out the wii-markable mods.

Have you guys seen any particularly supreme PC or console mods? Link ’em!

Spore Not Perfect, Internet Poops Bricks

Sometimes, the Internet’s view of game reviews really just drives me crazy. And not just normal crazy, but bat-crap-freaking-loco.  Take this news, for instance, that Spore is getting less than stellar reviews out of Europe. In fact, some media outlets like German mag PC Games are going as low as an appalling score of 73%. Out of 100, even!

The sky isn’t just falling. Bitch done collapsed.

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Penny Arcade Sequel Screenies

The 2nd Episode of Penny Arcade Adventures and the follow up to “On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness” (coincidentally, one of my favorite video game names ever), is an eagerly awaited titled by this Penny Arcade fanboy. So it was with great enthusiasm that I browsed a post over at Joystiq containing new screenshots of the game.

These new Penny Arcade screenies show off combat, cut scenes and all other kinds of goodies. If you’re a fan of PA’s comics or their game, you should certainly take a gander.

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The Hallowed Halls of PAX: A Gamer’s Dream

I knew I was in a different world when I saw Captain Falcon in the restroom. He posed. Or at least, he seemed to. It was hard to tell with all of those foam muscles. But rest assured, there was flexing of some kind.

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Virtual Console Gets Super Mario RPG

So I might have a reason to get the Wii going again. Let me sidestep the crude joke you were no doubt going to insert into that thought and say that Super Mario RPG has landed on the Virtual Console as of Labor Day. That’s yesterday, if you are too lazy to look at a calendar.

Super Mario RPG is no doubt one of the finest games I have ever played, so this news thrills me like no other. It’s a great combination of platforming and RPG tropes, and at the time of its release, I had never really played another game like it.

Do yourself a favor and get it, for the love of things holy and bright. How many of you have played this game before? Thoughts?

Fable II Creator Helps Reviewers

Peter Molyneux is a nice guy. He created The Movies, Black & White and Fable after all. And those were nice games. Molyneux is so nice, in point of fact, that he has saved game reviewers the time and effort required to review his upcoming game Fable II by reviewing it himself.

How utterly generous. And what was the score of the self review? 9/10. Ridiculous block quote to follow.

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Fallout 3 Achievements Contain Vault Boy, Win

There are two kinds of people in this world: Fallout 3 nuts and Achievement nuts. Ok, so there are more types than that, but they aren’t concerned with the news that Fallout 3’s list of achievements is now up for your beady little eyes.

I know that some of you don’t care about achievements quite as much as myself, but these are worth checking out for the pictures alone, featuring Vault Boy in a variety of goofy poses and costumes, including one very much akin to a Mr. Norris.

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PAX: The Leftovers

The wild thing about PAX is there’s really so much to see and do, it’s hard to take it all in. I got to play a ton of great new games, many of which you’ve already read about. There were also a few other not-so-great ones, which you no doubt read about as well.

In the end, though, there were too many to do write-ups on all of them, so I just focused on the ones that stuck out to me most for some reason or another. However, I’ve put together a list of the other games that I saw, played and gathered some brief impressions of:

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Work With Sackboy

Think you’ve got what it takes to work with Media Molecule, the minds behind Sony’s new and way-too-cute game Little Big Planet? It seems that the team that created Sackboy will be watching the community for up-and-coming map and level designers, as a big piece of the game’s appeal is going to be all of the user-created content that will grace PSN once it hits.

Why would they be watching, specifically? To give you a job. That’s just how they roll.

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PAX: Cosplay Edition

I’m a huge nerd. Let’s just get that out of the way. I am maybe one of the biggest (not just in stature) nerds that you will ever meet. It’s a combination of factors that make me that way, really. However, I’ve always liked to think that there’s a line I would never cross, no matter what, a line that takes you from just a nerd into a sacred realm reserved for precious few…

That line for me is cosplay. And at PAX, there was lots of it.

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