GameStop Deal: 20% Off Used Games and Accessories

I know, we tend to rag on GameStop every now and then, but let’s get real- a deal’s a deal. And this is a mighty good one. Until Thursday, Oct 2nd, you can get 20% off used games and accessories as long as you bring in this GameStop coupon.

So go ahead, print it out and enjoy. Hurry, so you can get your used games at a reasonable price. I’ve been meaning to make a trip to GameStop myself lately, as I have quite a few games I need to trade in to get ready for the barrage of games that is about to lay waste upon gamers far and wide, so this might be the right time for me to get my act together.

Source- PS3 Fanboy

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2 thoughts on “GameStop Deal: 20% Off Used Games and Accessories”

  1. Shilling for the enemy, huh,lol?

    Yeah, sometimes there is such a good deal, I have to go in there. But I always silently make fun of them while I am there and then when I leave… I do it aloud.


  2. I cant bring myself to sell most of the games I have right now o.O They are all ones I want to keep….perhaps some other time.

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