Embarrassing Gaming Moments

As you know, we here at GamerSushi love lists. We have this kind of mad obsession with them. It’s such an easy way to categorize the information you’re looking for, and it helps even more when they list some great humorous quotables about gaming.

Last week, GamesRadar released “Game Moments You Don’t Want A Loved One Walking In On”, and it makes for a great read. In particular, I remember the one about MGS being kind of weird for me as a young gamer. And I totally agree that getting caught playing an MMO these days is the equivalent to being caught with adult material.

How about you guys? Got any of these yourselves?

Source- GamesRadar

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3 thoughts on “Embarrassing Gaming Moments”

  1. The one from the list about the GTAIV lapdance. My mom heard that and wanted to know what I was playing,lol. Oh, well. She found my porn collection a long time ago,lol

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