Play the Old School Fallout for Free

Though I am overwhelmed with excitement for Fallout 3, I have to admit that I never played the original PC games. Truth be told, I hear constantly that they were not only incredible, but also among the best PC games ever developed and then placed into the hands (or drives) of gamers.

So, imagine how cool it was to hear that GameTap is currently offering Fallout for free right now on their website, and all you’ve got to do is just sign up for free.

Granted, they might pester you at some point about, you know, giving them money, but hey- a free game’s a free game.

Source- Shacknews

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One thought on “Play the Old School Fallout for Free”

  1. Its pretty bad. I played it, its unlike any game Iv played, but its too old school, and the turn base SUCKS. I hate games where things are turn based. And worse, its like turn base with ‘action points’

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