Machinima: Katy Perry Sings Simlish

For those of you who don’t know, “Simlish” is the language spoken by those oh-so-lovable Sims. Recently, Katy Perry, singer of “I Kissed a Girl”, that song that gets annoyingly stuck in your head, re-recorded her song “Hot N Cold” in Simlish for this machinima music video.

While it’s weird to here a song this way, it’s pretty nuts what the Sims is still capable of in terms of machinima. Fun stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Machinima: Katy Perry Sings Simlish”

  1. Wow… addicted.

    Dude screw you Eddy, you are going to be a part of my college failure, because you have me wanting to get the Sims 3 XD

    My housebuilding skills will be fine though

  2. wow, I’m pretty sure this took a hell of a long time to practice, and probably an infinite amount of laughs.
    Sounds good.

    And as far as the Sims 2 goes, machinima wise, this is actually looking really damn good.

    Very nice.

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