Ding Dong, He Got Disbarred

Gamers everywhere are no doubt rejoicing after this bombshell dropped today: after months of wild proceedings and all kinds of events leading up to this, it appears that Jack Thompson, anti-games lawyer, has been disbarred in the state of Florida.

While many see this as cause for celebration, I doubt it means that our friend is going anywhere. I’m sure he will find ways to express his viewpoints loudly, appear on media outlets that will let him speak about “murder simulators”, write books, who knows?

This is kind of a touchy issue, since this is a man who has lost his job, and ultimately, I can’t find reason to celebrate that. Though I must say that I am relieved that one of gaming’s biggest opponents has been, at least temporarily, kept from doing any damage to what we love.

Gaming is constantly slammed in the media, and I am on the side of anybody that wants to get violent games (and any kind of inappropriate media) out of the hands of kids. However, those M-rated games have just as much of a right to sit in the store as the R-rated movies or M-rated music.


Source- Joystiq

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4 thoughts on “Ding Dong, He Got Disbarred”

  1. While I cannot celebrate someone losing their job, I am torn.

    This guy not only has started a personal crusade based on fear and ignorance, he also, on multiple occasions, compared his own suffering to the suffering of blacks during the civil rights crisis. It’s things like that which cheapen the suffering of that time.

    If you’re still in doubt, go look up that official court document where he claims he’s being lynched for being “uppity.” This guy’s a upper class white lawyer. He has no idea what that would be like.

  2. Whats funny is if he didn’t have this stupid crusade against games and gamers he probably would still have his job. So I guess they did ruin a life. But things that he has said about gamers just drives me insane. I won’t show any sympathy for him.

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