The Revolutionary Controller?

A lot of debate has generated over the last few years about what makes the perfect gaming console controller. While many swear by dual analog sticks over something like say, the Wii-mote, it’s hard to ignore how overly complicated and cumbersome some controls have become.

On the flip side, the Wii needs a ridiculous amount of accessories and peripherals to even play all of the games you might want to buy. And not everyone likes waggling. So, what’s the perfect controller look like? The guys over at NintendoWiiFanboy have tried to put that together.

Their ideal controller ditches analog sticks in favor of the classic d-pad, added some digital buttons on the bottom and kept the motion control. Instead of the analog sticks, two small touch screens exist on the controller itself, for the user’s thumbs to navigate games, interfaces, etc.

It’s a unique concept, but in my mind, if it does the same thing as the analog stick, what’s it good for really? What are your thoughts on controllers in this gen? Who’s got the best, and do you think they’re getting too complicated?

Source- NintendoWiiFanboy

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4 thoughts on “The Revolutionary Controller?”

  1. There’s a reason that both the PS3 and the 360 have a controller that’s…identical. Look at how they have evolved over time. The analog stick made its way in. It will be staying. It gives a range of motion that touch sensitivity cant give you adequately. It sucks in a game like The Force Unleashed when you try and force throw and object but it doesn’t go where you want it. Its hard enough in games to get actions to be what you intended at times. Those sticks make things so much easier. I don’t think anything will really replace them.

    Remember the super pad for the N64? That was the same controller design as PS and now 360 with just minus one stick. I don’t think it will change. Would be interesting if something better game out.

  2. Wow. Just looking at that reminds me of failed game systems like the Jaguar, the Lynx and other pieces of junk.

    No thanks. I like my PS2/PS3 controller.

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