The Bungie Countdown

So the official Bungie website has gone off its rocker and is now displaying a countdown set to end in about 9 hours. I for one used to get stupid excited about these viral marketing campaigns that the developer constantly sets out on, but it does get a little irksome with the constant teasing.

We’ll be sure to keep our eye on the site for any kind of official announcements about new games, screenshots or whatever else they throw at the Internet.

Source- Bungie

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4 thoughts on “The Bungie Countdown”

  1. “Insult, Insult, Insult.”
    I can hear the haters now. I have no clue what it means. Though Halo 3 is mentioned in it. Maybe a prequel? Maybe we see why Master Chief is in a ball of flames heading to earth at the beginning of 3? That could explain the Prepare to Drop? I don’t know. All pretty random stuff in that footage if you ask me.

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