Halo 3: Prepare to Drop

So last night, I posted about the countdown that appeared on Bungie. Well, the countdown is officially over, and with its end came a new teaser for a brand new game, as some were anticipating. It’s no Halo 4, if that’s what you’re hoping for, but it is related to the Halo universe.

While not many details are given, and it remains enigmatic as ever (thanks Bungie), there are a few clues to pick up on.

Video after the jump.

The words “prepare to drop” appear later in the trailer, and visions of a futuristic skyline appear as pods seem to drop from the atmosphere. Anyone familiar with the mythology of the games knows about the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or ODST for short (also called Helljumpers), who are known for dropping in from orbit on high speed pods straight into the action.

The ODST’s join you at several points in the action during the game, most notably in a level in Halo 2 where the Chief drops with them, emerging from his pod with both an SMG and a Rocket Launcher. So what does this mean?

Well for some time, folks have speculated that a squad based shooter was going to appear set in the Halo universe. The ODST’s would make the perfect unit to follow in the action, as they happen to be some of the biggest bad asses in the UNSC.

In addition, the words “Halo 3” appear in the trailer as well, leading one to believe that what we experience in the game is happening concurrently with some of the events we’ve already seen in the Halo-verse. The thought of running through dilapidated future-Earth streets under siege by the covenant with a squad of soldiers could be extremely appealing.

Or I could be wrong about everything. Thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “Halo 3: Prepare to Drop”

  1. Maybe after Halo 3, since Master Chief is gone and the Arbiter knows it the Elites come back to kill us all? lol Who knows. Doesn’t give you any information except for the prepare to drop and Halo 3.

  2. An ODST based shooter seems the most likely guess. Why else would they show so many drop pods?

    Over at Halopedia, there is an image in the article relating to this trailer where someone dug up a supposed release date of 1/06/09.

    It’s in the mess of numbers and letters near the end of the trailer.

    Looks like good stuff!

  3. I have never heard of any of this but just watched that from the Bungie site in HD.

    The ODST have to be it. First off thank GOD this is NOT a Halo 4. I guess they are just going to make a game where you see how it is from a HUMANS standpoint. Helljumpers may be awesome but they are just humans. In the book MC owns a few of them in as mall scuffle.

    Still, this better be something almost entirely new. I dont want them to start beating a dead horse.

  4. DUDE!!!!!!! awsome!!! it would be cool if you played as some spartan 3’s, or mabey some of the surviving spartan 2’s. like they came back and are ready to kick ass, tht would be sweet, it would prob happen along side the events of halo 3, or mabey a little into halo 2 then cross to the time of 3? mabey? i dono but it would be cool. HUZZAH!!!!!!!

  5. Ok, this was awesome, no, this was bad-ass. Awesome doesn’t do it just. I don’t think it’s a concurrent game though and i don’t even know if its a squad shooter. If you watch the video as the pod start coming from the sky some huge explosion occurs, seems like it couldv’e easily wiped out the “squad”. but who knows if it is it would be awesome. And it looks as if after everything is done, you see one capsule (looks like the same one masterchief gets into at the end of 3) coming from the sky. Now it may be like a Halo Three 2, kind of like what they did with Final Fntasy if im not mistaken. Bungie released a video about a month, month and a half ago that said just because you’ve finished the fight doesn’t mean the war is over yet (or something to that matter). So it could be like a part 2 of Halo 3. Either way, i think Bungie would be stupid if they didn’t keep making games that tie to the Halo universe. Look at how much money they are making! But whatever it is, i’ll stand in line at modnight to buy it. Period. Now we just wait……

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