The Halo MMO That Almost Was

In case you didn’t know, Ensemble Studios, creators of Age of Empires as well as the upcoming Halo Wars, is closing shop soon. This announcement came rather suddenly, and makes a few wonder what’s going to happen to any future titles of those properties.

With this announcement, some information is starting to leak about old projects that got the axe at Ensemble, too, including a Halo MMO that was in development until last year.

Various screenshots and concept art have hit the web now, showing off mock-up user interfaces, character prototypes, vehicles and some World of Warcraft-esque environments to boot.

A part of me is curious about what a Halo MMO could even address in terms of story and gameplay, especially considering the mock-up screens show mana bars. Wondering how that would even fit into the universe. However, all told, Iā€™m glad this never saw the light of day. I mean, let’s get real. It just looks awkward to have lightsaber wielding Spartans running around with their boobs hanging out or their MJOLNIR suits.

Go check it out for yourselves at Flickr.

What are your thoughts on this? Think that a Halo MMO had any potential at all?

Source- Gamasutra

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7 thoughts on “The Halo MMO That Almost Was”

  1. It might have been a fun idea, but not as succcessful, I think.

    But I don’t see that it coming out would have been a bad thing. We always complain about no one trying anything new and this is not new, but different.

    Most likely, it was MS trying to cash in on WOW and Halo at the same time. Bad idea, you’re right.

  2. I think it would be a complete failure. They would make money from title alone, but it would SUCK.

    As a reader of the books, you cant make it an MMO. Imagine even if it was like WOW, Covenant vs. Humans. You CANT have everyone become a spartan…how stupid. In book terms a spartan would be better than any class. Plus its like “Hell yea lvl 34 I finally can use a battle rifle!”

    XD Just look at the screens!!!

  3. I’m actually wondering if it’s supposed to be set in the distant past, like Forerunner times. It would make sense if everyone played a Forerunner character that was mega powerful like the Spartans.

  4. Not everyone would be a spartan. Most likely people would be spartans in the way people were Jedi in SW: Galaxies.

    Which tells you all you need to know.

  5. I honestly don’t think any Halo player would play a Halo MMMO. MMO’s are fun. Halo is fun. But when you put them together. You get something that just wouldn’t feel right.

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