Gears of War Dev Diary: Story

While the Dev Diary from Epic from a few weeks ago covered the weapons of Gears of War 2, we finally have something that dives just a little bit into the story of the game, which I am excited about. Even though the story in the first game was in the background, with the grizzly gory beefy guys in the foreground, I thought the foundation was there for a potentially cool narrative. Hopefully, we’ll get that in the sequel.

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2 thoughts on “Gears of War Dev Diary: Story”

  1. To me what really sets off a good Game is one that has back story. Halo is a great example, it has its own universe and books to help with that. GOW, the first one, actually had quite a bit released on the story’s background, evens stuff you didn’t see in game. I remember going to a website and there they has small pictures, almost like post cards, and then a description of whole events that lead up to the world that GOW was set in. A back story, even if its just a little, can really make a game fun to play.

    Im very much so looking forward to GOW2, the story mostly.

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