Need Your Resistance 2 Fix?

While I have yet to play the first Resistance game (I know, I know), what I’ve seen of the second one looks like a good time. After watching the multiplayer at PAX and seeing clips from E3 that showed off campaign mode, I’m getting more and more excited for the game.

For those of you, who, like me, go nuts over any bit of the news you see regarding your most desired games, I thought I’d post a link to 10 Resistance 2 videos released by Sony and Insomniac. It even includes the first footage of the co-op mode, which looks great. This game is dropping on November 4. Is anyone else looking forward to it?

Source- Joystiq

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2 thoughts on “Need Your Resistance 2 Fix?”

  1. I played Resistance 2 when I was at the “Leipzig Game Convention”. And I have to say, this game is rocking HARD.

    I played 1, but 2 is so, so much better.
    Graphic wise, gameplay wise, story wise…

    Well I’m not sure about the story, since I

    1. NEVER pay attention to that.
    2. Only played for like 20 minutes, in mid-game.

    But still, its awesome.
    Great physics, great guns, great graphics, great voice acting.
    I’m loving this.

    Not as much as Killzone 2.
    But its still a seriously cool game!

  2. The first one was nice, but I want to try R 2 :p the co-op campaign is one of the things I look forward to, with the classes and stuff 😀

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