Heavy Rain Equals No Do-Overs

If you’re unaware the upcoming PS3 game Heavy Rain, by Quantic Dreams, you should familiarize yourself with it. From the makers of Indigo Prophecy, it is an incredibly cinematic game that lets the character play it almost like an interactive movie, and from the looks of it, is going to be something special.

One interesting thing, though: the creator, David Cage says that you can even continue to play the game after the main character dies.

This is certainly a novel concept, and one that is not explored too often. Basically, if your main character dies, you can pick up from another character and continue unraveling the mystery that the game offers for you. While some people might not like this, David Cage explains:

Yes, there will be the opportunity for players to replay as much as they want from where they want, but we would really like to encourage them not to do so – to continue to play with one story bearing with the consequences of their actions… This is what’s exciting about it. This is a story that you told. It’s pretty unique. So why would you want to do everything perfect and change what you’ve done. You will be able to redo what you like but we recommend not to.

What do you guys think of this idea? I think it’s pretty interesting, though there would be that part of me that would always wonder if things played out different had I done it with x or y characters instead of the one I ended up on. It’s nice to know that you at least have the option to go back and replay.

To be honest, this might be my most anticipated PS3 title, so I’m excited. I loved Indigo Prophecy (though it could have done without some of the Quick Time Events) and I’d highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance.

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