Today’s WTF: No LBP Online Creation at Launch?

A post by a developer over on the Playstation forums dropped this bombshell recently: when LittleBigPlanet launches, you won’t be able to create levels via online multiplayer. Wtf?

Color me puzzled. You figure with the launch of one of Sony’s biggest games of the year, they would have their act together, or rather, they would put the pressure on Media Molecule to get their act together. I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t online co-operative level creation one of THE reasons to get this game?

Yes, you’ll be able to create levels on your own offline, and you’ll even be able to do it locally with 4 dudes playing on the same PS3. Online creation however, will be absent until the first update. And when is that coming?

The next question will undoubtedly be “when is the first update due” and right now there is no specific time set at the moment, however with the game having gone gold, the team at Media Molecule are already hard at work on content for the game after its release, with online multiplayer creating top of the list.

Well, isn’t that just a kick in the nuts? This seems to me to be a serious misstep. A feature like this should be included at launch, instead of tacked on later.

Obviously there will still be plenty to do in the game, including online co-op of the built-in levels, but this is still disheartening. Perhaps I’d feel a little better about it if they could just provide some kind of info about when this component will come. Maybe I’ll just wait for that first update before I buy. Does this strike anyone else in the same way?

Source- Playstation Boards

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4 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: No LBP Online Creation at Launch?”

  1. I don’t mind that its not there at launch because people online generally suck.

    I want to learn to make levels on my own first and maybe try a few out, get the hang of it before I go online and work on a masterpiece that some dude messes up with drawings of boobs,lol.

    It will come eventually so I am good with it.

  2. As long as they don’t scrap the idea completely then I’m fine with it. But it sounds like there in a rush to make it happen. And when things are rushed theirs a screw up. So if there going to release after it sells. I hope they take there time so it’s not buggy.

  3. This news post made me a bit sad. ; – ;

    Still, I’m really looking forward to this game though. Multiplayer-Level Edit or not.

    Also, thanks for keeping us up to date!

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