Splinter Cell: Conviction Still Truckin’

Last year, Ubisoft showed off some early gameplay footage of Splinter Cell: Conviction. This title didn’t play like other entries into the series, which typically have Sam Fisher infiltrate terrorist cells and do his best Solid Snake impression as he downed bad guys in stealth. No, Conviction instead has Sam Fisher on the run, doing his best to avoid cops in public as he is a wanted man.

Since that early preview, nobody’s really heard much about the game, until Chris Easton of Ubisoft recently gave a few more tidbits about the game’s progress. Apparently, they had some bumps along the way.

After numerous delays to Conviction, things finally seem to be back on track. Easton had this to say:

Splinter Cell Conviction is certainly not canned, despite what the Internet rumour mill says, and won’t look significantly different to what you’ve seen before… The gameplay’s evolved a lot but the visual direction is simply much better than what you’ve seen… The gameplay has evolved from what we showed at Ubidays last year and when you see it again it’ll be worth the wait.

While it’s nice to hear that things are back to normal, it’s weird that they’re making Grand Theft Auto instead of Splinter Cell. For some reason, they keep trying to reinvent the wheel with this franchise, after making Chaos Theory, which I found to be one of THE best games of last gen.

Hopefully we’ll see a normal Splinter Cell game at some point down the road. What do you guys think? Have you played Splinter Cell before?

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3 thoughts on “Splinter Cell: Conviction Still Truckin’”

  1. 😀 I remember Chaos Theory! It was pretty good, another “stealth” *COUGH* action game that I liked other than the mgs series. lol. This one doesn’t look like it’s going to come out soon though…..

  2. I think they should have stopped after Chaos Theory. As far as gameplay, the original SC was the best, and from there they lost something each time. I’ve played all of them except for Essentials, but about 2 levels into Double Agent, I couldn’t do it anymore, it sucked that bad. I have no intentions of playing Conviction, even if I managed to get it for free.

  3. Yeah, I remember I couldn’t play very far into Double Agent either. Graphically, it seemed worse to me than Chaos Theory, which was from the previous gen. I really wish they’d return to Splinter Cell form. I mean, let’s get real, they act like people care about the story, but this isn’t MGS.

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