Being a lover of all things Final Fantasy, I have decided to do the first in what will be a series of posts about this revered franchise. First, my credentials: I played the very first Final Fantasy when I was 9 years old. I have played every single version that was released in the United States within a month of its release.

So I have been here from the start, so trust me when I say that if I have an opinion about something that may differ from yours, it’s because I am taking into account my whole experience with the franchise and not just because I am trying to be contrary.
And now: on with the countdown!



The music of Final Fantasy has always been one of its greatest strengths. While I feel the music quality has tapered off in recent installments, it is still better than most other games. So I have compiled a list of my favorite pieces that always elicit a reaction from me, whether I am playing the game or hearing it on my iPod while in traffic. Editor’s Note: the Final Fantasy Prelude, which is in all the games in some form, has been omitted from this list. Here we go:

5. Mt. Koltz – Final Fantasy VI

This is one that most people probably have never thought about it, but it has always been one of my favorites. Bouncy and wistful, it is the music that plays whenever you are in a cave or mountain in Final Fantasy VI. When my friend Ben and I used to play this back in middle school, We would put the controller down and just let the music play, humming along in a carefree way.





4.Prologue – Final Fantasy IV

This epic, sweeping score sure does help get you pumped up! It’s not hard at all to imagine this song being played in a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings type movie. Listen to it on iTunes and if you can’t feel the scale it evokes, you are epically challenged (Trademarked by





3. Within the Giant – Final Fantasy IV

This one just recently became a favorite and it has now become one of my top songs in a game ever. When you are inside the Giant of Babil, trying to reach the core and defeat this rampaging monster from destroying the world, this amazing song actually propels you forward. It starts off as a moody piece, but within seconds, it has transformed into determined fanfare that makes me feel the emotion of the heroes journey. And isn’t that what the music is there for?





2. One Winged Angel – Final Fantasy VII

Even myself, who loves FFVII, but thinks it is a tad overrated (more on that later) would be hardpressed to omit this fantastic song. When you hear it in Advent Children, it is the first time in that movie that you actually know what the hell is going on: SEPHIROTH! It has a Psycho feel to it, which is oh so appropiate considering the state of Sephiroth’s mental stability. But it grows in this epic anthem that I truly love and I think its the last great piece of music to appear in a Final Fantasy game. Nothing after it has ever lived up to it. And only one song before it surpassed it.





1. Aria De Mezzo Caraterre – Final Fantasy VI

My favorite song from my favorite game. Through the years, when I played Final Fantasy, I always loved the music, but this was the moment when I knew that this was a work of art. The fantastic and emotional Opera Scene in this game was a defining moment for me as a gamer. The first time, listening to the music and watching the visuals I was in awe. Every time since then, I get tears in my eyes. If you have not played this game, look this scene up on youtube and remember that in 1993, this was as good as it gets and in some minds, it has yet to be this good since.



 You can find all these songs on iTunes if you want to hear the 30 second sample or buy it.


Well, thats my list. I hope I didn’t piss too many people off with it. If not, I will try to do better the next time, hehe. What Final Fantasy or non FF songs do you guys love?

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  1. I noticed most of them are from VI 😛 tbh i like some of the later songs in the FF games, most of the ones in FFX were nice, FFXI (yeah the MMO one) OST is generally nice but i deffinalty prefer the earlier FF’s music though, they just seem more fitting for the scene’s they were used in, if you know what i mean? :X

  2. Yeah, the way most people feel about VII is the way I have felt about VI for about 15 years,lol.

    Yeah, VI has the best music in my mind, with IV right behind it. I also like Liberi Fatali from VIII that would be probably be #6 behind these.

  3. You guys forgot the best one! And it’s in a lot of the games. The victory music! haha Does that even count though?

  4. [quote comment=”759″]You guys forgot the best one! And it’s in a lot of the games. The victory music! haha Does that even count though?[/quote]

    lol, yeah it counts, but it is also different in each game, though a with a lot of the same motifs. But I was aiming more for the big pieces here. I like the Boss music from VI and VII

  5. A lot of people complain about how repetative all the games are, but personally I love all four Ace Attorney games and I’m eagerly awaitng news on the 5th one as well as Turnabout Prosecutor.

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