First Person Zombies in Left 4 Dead

To me, one of the cool aspects that hasn’t been talked about in Left 4 Dead is the “Director”, an AI system that creates encounters for you as the game goes, meaning no 2 single-player (or co-op) playthroughs might be the same.

In versus mode, this changes. You play as a zombie, which makes you the “Director”, designing the campaign experience for your friends, in a sense.  You can even call other zombies to your aid to battle your human foes. A new video interview has appeared on the webz, highlighting some of these features.

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6 thoughts on “First Person Zombies in Left 4 Dead”

  1. wow, that just makes me want me want to play it right now, i’ve been thinking if i should get that when it comes out recently but it looks fun, made by valve too so its a deffo winner. ^^

  2. [quote comment=”774″]Left 4 Dead is going to be the coolest things ever made by Valve.

    I love zombies so much.
    This is going to be AWESOME![/quote]

    Yeahs to that! Very exited

  3. i doubt no-one reads their wikia on how to make a successful mod for hl2 😛 don’t make or change any content if you have allready got something suitable for the job

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