Fabulous Fable 2 Achievements

Ok, this one is for Eddy and all those other Achievement Whores out there who are anxious for Fable 2 to come out and hopefully live up to the hype it has generated. I think it looks like a fun game, but time will tell. Time and fanboys. Full list of Achievements after the jump.

The Paragon -15g
Reach 100% Good or Evil.

The New Hero -50g

Defeat your first great opponent.

The Whippersnapper -25g
Collect 5 gold pieces during the Hero’s childhood

the Pooch Pamperer -5g

Play fetch with your dog.

The Archaeologist -5g
Dig up something your dog has discovered

The Dog trainer -5g
teach your dog a trick.

The persuader -5g
Convince a villager to give you a present

The Show-off -5g
Impress a villager with a perfect expression

The Romantic -10g
take a villager on a perfect date.You will need the right location and expression.

The spouse -10g
Marry a villager.

The Parent -10g
have a child.

The hunter -5g

Kill a sweet,innocent,fluffy bunny rabbit(remember,safety’s off!)

The Gargoyle -25g
Find the gargoyles Legendary Treasure.

The Chicken kicker -5g
kick a chicken a respectable distance. As if kicking chickens was remotely respectable.

The Cliff Diver -5g
Cliff dive 500 feet.

The Workhorse -10g
Get a high enough chain while performing a job.

The Hero of Many names -5g
Change your heros title

The Teaser -5g

Get bandits to respond to expressions with fear,anger,mirth,and confusion. During combat!

The property magnate -10g
Sell a property for twice the price you paid for it.

The Rogue -5g

something undetected from a building while there are people nearby.

The Illustrated hero -5g
Tattoo every part of your hero’s body.

The Executioner -10g
Sacrifice 10 people in the Temple of Shadows.

The Gambler -10g
Win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having tried each game type at least once.

The Bigamist -10g
get married a second time, whilst still married to your first spouse.

The Swinger -5g
Take part in a orgy, responsibly

The Pied Piper -10g
Start a party where at least 5 villagers are dancing.

The Party Animal -10g
Get 15 villagers drunk in under three minutes

The menace to Society -5g
Commit an act of public indecency

The Black Knight -10g

Shoot the weapons from a hollow man’s hands, blow off his head and then kill him for good!

The Duelist -10g
String together a full-speed chain attack

The highwayman -10g
hit 3 enemies with one shot.

The Archmage -10g
Kill 5 human enemies with one spell.

The Ruler of Albion -100g
Increase the value of your real estate holdings to over 2.5 million gold!

The Hoarder -25g

Collect every silver key.

The Goth -5g

Dye your hair black, wear an outfit made entirely out of black clothes, and wear some black makeup.

The Completionist -50g

Get all expressions, pet tricks, titles and abilities.

The Extremist -15g
Reach 100% purity or corruption.

The celebrity -50g
Reach 50,000 Renown.

The Artisan -10g
Succeed at one job to Level 5

The Dollcatcher -10g
Collect all the hero dolls.

The Muse -5g

Inspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds.

The Companions -10g

Perform a perfect co-op expression.

The blood brother -10g
get a co-op combat bonus.

The Philanthropist -10g
Send a gift to an xbox live friend.

The Hero of strength -100g

Complete the Hero of Strength

The hero of Will -100g

Complete the Hero Of will.

The hero of Skill -100g
Complete the hero of Skill

The Sacrifice -25g

Choose “The needs of the many”

The Family -25g

Choose “The needs of the few”

The Egomaniac -25g

Choose “The needs of the one”


So you guys ready for this one?

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