White Knight Story Comes Up For Air

Wow. Two years ago, Level-5 teased us all with an incredible new game called White Knight Story, which looked like it could become THE reason to own a PS3.

They even released a video preview of the game that completely blew my socks off and had me drooling like a maniac for a PS3, way back when I wasn’t even remotely interested in the system. While little bits of info have come out, the game has mostly stayed quiet and kept to itself.

Two years later, they’ve finally put out 10 new White Knight Story screenshots, which is coming this Christmas in Japan, and they are promising tons of new info soon.

Level-5 is behind some other great titles like Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, which in my opinion was one of the best RPGs of the PS2, a system that had more than its fair share. If the game continues to look anything like that video preview from two years ago, I’m still sold. I imagine we’ll be getting lots more information in the coming months, once it sees its Japanese release.

Had any of you guys heard about this game before? Did any of you play Dragon Quest VIII?

Source- PS3 Fanboy

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4 thoughts on “White Knight Story Comes Up For Air”

  1. Wow that looks great, the only thing i’m concerned about is the forest being in more detail and nicer in graphics than the characters 😛 gameplay looks good too.

  2. Yeah, DG8 is a game that I don’t hear people talk about enough. It really is incredible.

    Also Weiss, that gameplay video is 2 years old. I’m guessing the character models have seen an update by now. Or I hope they have, rather.

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