Come Get Some Duke Nukem

No, not the vaporware Duke Nukem. I’m talking about the flesh-and-bone older brother, Duke Nukem 3D, which is coming to XBox Live Arcade later this month. A new trailer hit earlier this week, and man, I’m actually really pumped for the release.

I remember playing this thing on the N64 with my brother, and we would just do the deathmatch stuff with our friends all day long. Not to mention that this new version comes packed with 8 player multiplayer over XBL, but also the ability to save and share clips and even rewind it when you die, a la Prince of Persia. This is going to rule. Now if only they could get Goldeneye on XBLA…

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One thought on “Come Get Some Duke Nukem”

  1. Wow that looks fun XD

    Its like if Doom had had multilayer with graphics technology still the same.

    Golden Eye would need to have an aiming fix, going back after modern FPS and aiming on that is so different

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