Mercenary Stunt-Off

While I never played the original Mercenaries game, I found the idea terribly appealing, since I’m a lover of all things open world-ish but also causing general mayhem. It seemed to be right up my alley. Needless to say, I’ve been very tempted by Mercenaries 2, which just recently saw the light of day at local retailers.

This new stunt video is making my mouth water. Do want. Did any of you guys play the original? Have you played the sequel yet?

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4 thoughts on “Mercenary Stunt-Off”

  1. I played the first game and it was fun, but not as well executed as it could have been.

    I never use cheats on games, but I did on this one and I still almost wasn’t able to beat it.

    But I think the new one is worth a rental.

  2. Stick with the console versions. The PC version isn’t very good and sadly the first patch they released for it was recalled.
    From what I’ve heard console versions seem to have a couple bugs but are still fun overall.

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