GTA IV DLC This Fall (360 Only…DOH!) is reporting that Microsoft has indeed confirmed that downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV will be out this fall.

What exactly this entails is anyone’s guess, but as a PS3 owner, I hope it’s nothing storyline related. But there is hope yet…

Xbox 360 will be the “only console with new Grand Theft Auto IV content available this Christmas”.

“This Christmas”???? Maybe later on down the line, the PS3 will get some of these goodies. I don’t see why not, it would not hurt Rockstar or Take Two at all. After a few months exclusivity, Microsoft surely would not mind too much, would they? Hell yeah they would! But good news for 360 owners, nothing new for PS3 owners. Guess Sackboy will be my new partner in crime.

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12 thoughts on “GTA IV DLC This Fall (360 Only…DOH!)”

  1. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to go back to Liberty City, and this looks like it! Hopefully, it will be a reasonable ammount of spacebucks for the trip, but you never know.

    Nothing against you PS3ers, but you seem to be getting the short end of the stick when it comes to multi-platform DLC. No GTA4 and no Fallout 3? Seems odd that Sony wouldn’t try to get DLC for it’s big sellers onto it’s Network. Maybe there’s something going on behind the scenes? (As a non-PS3 owner, I’m woefully ignorant to the system.)

  2. Yeah, we are. Maybe I just won’t buy Fallout 3 and show Bethesda I don’t appreciate this treatment. Thanks to gamefly, I don’t have to give them a dime.

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to lay the blame entirely on Bethesda. Certiantly, it’s easier to point your finger at a developer with a face and name, but some of the blame may fall on the Sony side of things.

    Again, this may be my ignorance of the PS3 showing, but I don’t think Sony has a “Major Nelson” analog. It’s far easier to throw accusations at Bethesda because we know who they are, but we have no idea who arranges DLC for the PS3.

  4. That’s a very good point. I’m wondering how much of it is developer side and how much of it is Sony/MS side. I’m glad to be seeing the GTA 4 DLC- I still have yet to finish that game. It’s huge. Also, not having power this week has kind of set that process back.

  5. Oh I know that.

    See, I don’t want MS to takeover and have a monopoly on the video game industry. They have the money to do so, thats kind of why I resist them a bit.

  6. I heard DLC has a price because of Microsoft, not the companies…

    Thats also why you buy PC for Bethesda, MODS for free and torrent the DLC extras XD

  7. [quote comment=”691″][quote comment=”685″]Maybe… Vice City?[/quote]

    Oh yeah! I bet your right.[/quote]

    Sorry to burst any bubbles, but you really think they would put out a DLC new city when they can sell that as the next game? Please come back to reality,lol. It’s probably a bunch of new missions or something like that.

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