World of Terrorism

Don’t ever accuse the government of lacking imagination when it comes to possible terror plots anymore. Wired is reporting that government officials believe a possible terror attack could be planned using World of Warcraft.

There a few holes in this theory, but it is something that is very possible. However, there are far easier ways for terrorists to plan things than logging on to WOW. In fact, this might be a useful deterrent! Let’s say an aspiring terrorist logs on to WOW to plan a major attack, but gets distracted trying to get enough honor to obtain a Thunderstrike Warhammer of Godliness. Seem plausible?

Source: Wired

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4 thoughts on “World of Terrorism”

  1. Know whats funny? Every time I have told a middle aged man about talking to people online using my bluetooth headset, they wonder about terror plots.

  2. I think it’s possible. Look at ea’s “Boom blox”. It’s a cheap simulation of suicide bombers!

    step one- put tons of characters on map.
    step two- put a bomb with a bomb fusing beaver.
    step three- Durak durka, Muhammad jihad.

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