Creative Expressions on Spore

We all know that people have been quite upset about Spore’s DRM debacle, which limits user ownership of the game and only allows one account per PC. It’s definitely somethings that’s ticked off the game’s users, and it doesn’t sound like EA is going to relent at any point in the future.

How have people expressed this? Well, apparently, Spore is capable of producing more than just genitalia monsters, as gamers have started to make creatures that proudly show off displeasure at the DRM.

Some of these actually made me laugh out loud. I’m a big fan of the big attack vehicle labeled “DRM” that destroys everything in its path. You should definitely go check it out.

It makes you wonder if EA hears/cares about any of these things that they’re hearing, having pissed off their customers and their core audience with such an atrocious deal. Have any of you guys played Spore yet? Do you think EA will learn their lesson?

Source- GameCulture

UPDATE: EA has responded to the various DRM complaints, and says that they will be offering a solution to the feature that limits the number of installs. Apparently, it will function more like the ITunes activation system.

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9 thoughts on “Creative Expressions on Spore”

  1. Solving piracy is turning out to be a trail and error process. This method: A big fat ERROR.

    However, that EA shaped creature is actually pretty cool. I love the name Veroflraptor.

  2. EA let UO die slowly due to little moderation, they wont give two shit about Spore. I bet they let that die slowly after they get enough $$ to break even on it.

    EA just…ugh.

  3. [quote comment=”640″]This will help get EA’s attention, right?! RIGHT?! Wrong.

    Good luck getting EA to care.[/quote]

    I didn’t realize I started a petition. I was under the impression that I was just asking what people thought. Instead of being so reactionary, try adding something constructive to these discussions.

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