No Place Like Home

For those of you PS3 owners who, like me, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Home, it seems like it’s finally getting closer after all these months. In case you’ve forgotten about what this new online lobby/world is going to feature, there is a new video out that fills you in on all of the goodies. Definitely worth a watch.

Personally, I think this could be just what the PS3 needs to give Sony’s console that shot in the arm that the dashboard functionality gives to the 360. Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “No Place Like Home”

  1. Second life on steroids. WANT. Definitely. Sony might have a come back with this!

    Btw, (sorry to change the subject) do you guy’s know “lively” by google? It like second life but a bit less laggy. Well, If you do, It will be great if you can make a “Gamersushi” room. Then we can talk in real time.

  2. Home is one of those things that looks like it could awesome or lame.

    It’s something that I won’t know for sure until I experience it for myself. But it has a lot of potential.

  3. Hope everything went ok for you Eddy. My family didnt have too many problems. It really pounded Houston & closer to the coast. College Station didnt get squat really. We got some wind and rain.

    Home to me really is a PS sort of thing. I couldnt see Home on the 360, it really is fitting of a Playstation for some reason.

    I still would prefer the 360s current simplicity. But I guess as we continue to push technology Home is more like the future of console interface

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