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Personally, one of the things that shocked (in a good way) me most about the 360 when I bought it was the dashboard. I thought it was such a clever user interface, and it had a nice slick look to it. For me, it changed it into something more than a console, so I’m really excited about the completely revamped interface, coming soon.

For anybody else that’s interested, Gamerscore Blog is now going to be updating each Friday to bring tips and explanations about all the features of the new 360 dashboard.

I have to say, when I first saw video footage of the new XBox Experience, I wasn’t too excited. It seemed to be trying a little too hard to be ITunes in my mind. However, after seeing it at PAX, I got to take a firsthand look at how clean everything was, and how simple the interface was. It also has a lot more functionality than the old dashboard.

What do you guys think? Did you like the old dashboard better? Excited about the new one?

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8 thoughts on “Get Informed About the New Dashboard”

  1. I’m honestly not too excited…I thought the old dashboard was just fine.

    But you know, every time I look at Avatars, I always feel like Microsoft looked at a Wii and thought “hm…people seem to like making Miis…” and decided to implement the same thing under a different name. I mean…come on, people.

    The only thing i’m excited for in the Fall Update is for the ability to have a private chat with more than one person. Why wasn’t this available from the beginning?

  2. Looks pretty rad. And even if you don’t like the new look, I’m pretty sure they let you keep the old one if you want.

  3. I think it will be great yet everyone continues to complain. I guess they’ll stop complaining when they learn it’s optional.

  4. I’m about to watch the vid. its downloading.

    Ok, avatars…..lame. Sorry don’t even try to be like the PS3.

    I don’t like this…I’m still watching and this is stupid XD Ugh the avatars are so completely lame.

    yup, its neat, its high tech, but its completely stupid. Too much BS on there. Avatars, netflix, crap I wont use

  5. I’m not complaining, and most likely I’ll get along just fine with the new one. But I don’t really see why they want to change it since the current one is decent. And yeah, I felt like the avatars were taken from miis.

  6. I think Microsoft shouldn’t have changed their dashboard. I know a lot of people like changes, but some things you don’t have to. This is more like a mock up of several stuff.

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