World’s Most Useless Toaster

But it makes for a pretty awesome NES system, no?

Once again I am baffled by the ingenuity of some people. This seriously has to fall under maybe the coolest Nintendo mod I’ve ever seen. It even has a “making of” video to match! Seeing the SMB3 cartridge in their is wrecking hell on my nostalgia gland, as well.

If you guys had a thing like this sitting in your room, which old games would be the first ones you pulled out?

Source- WiiFanboy

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5 thoughts on “World’s Most Useless Toaster”

  1. I have a modded xbox that has kid icarus and tons of other nes games. I was going to sell it to this dude, but he backed out. I will show it to you next time you guys are in town and we can see if that game is on it.

  2. These kinds of mods are just sweet. Its like the xbox laptop mod, it goes beyond modding just looks to really making a BIG modification. The pull down to turn it on, sweet.

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