Left 4 Dead Demo to Eat Your Brains

As some of you know, I’m kind of a huge nut about most things Valve-related. Whether it’s head crabs, crowbars, portals, layzorz, scouts, I’m all about it. Another thing I’m a huge fan of is Zombies. Also, co-op play. Mashing all these things together like potatoes gives you Valve’s upcoming gave Left 4 Dead.

So, it was to my delight that Gabe Newell confirmed that a Left 4 Dead demo is going to be hitting XBox Live and the PC soon. If I’m frothing at the mouth, it’s not the T-Virus, it’s just that I’m so happy.

The really cool news is that the demo is going to feature some playable portions from the hospital campaign (which is one of but four campaigns in the game) in both a single player AND a co-op mode.

To me, this is the best thing that Valve could have done for gamers. The 4 player co-op for Left 4 Dead looks to be so engrossing and entertaining, it’s one of the primary reasons (besides the undead) that I’m anxiously awaiting the release. Personally, co-op for me is becoming the multiplayer standard, much more than any versus mode.

What do you guys think? Excited about Left 4 Dead? Are you guys as thrilled about co-op in games as I am?

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9 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Demo to Eat Your Brains”

  1. Same here, I’m a total fan of zombies. They are so cool! Their dead and their walking, outrageous!
    Valve made this left 4 dead, right? No wonder. See all the great zombie mods out there? Mostly mods of HL2. Well that’s what I know of.

  2. Call me when they release it on the PS3. I try to ignore things that I want to play that I can’t play b/c its not on a system I own. Makes me sad.

    Thats why I am just now reading up on Bioshock,lol.

  3. Fighting WITH someone is always more fun than fighting against them. And what better thing to fight then zombies?

  4. it started out as a game only by valve but then they picked up Turtle Rock Studio’s as well the people that created the original CS. 🙂

    And yes they did, if you do your research you would find out that Valve bought the mod from turtle rock because it was so good. 😀

    And now

    F**K YES a Demo for the worlds next greatest multiplayer fps game, with team work!

  5. cant wait for this game to come out. i love zombie games and movies and fighting in a group is goning to rock

  6. i love valve and zombie mod… but what im really gonna buy the game for is co-op
    ever since R6 Vegas terrorist hunt.. other games have been doing this….. like Gears 2 i heard was supposed to have something like that
    cant wait to try the demo

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