Sims 3 Equals Wacky Fun

I’ve always thought of playing The Sims as an odd sort of time travel. At least it was for me, sitting in front of a computer for hours as I lived vicariously through other people, sometimes trapping them in swimming pools without ladders or rooms without exits. Call me sadistic, but The Sims is darn fun no matter how you play it.

So, naturally, I’m pretty thrilled about Sims 3, whose developers released a behind the scenes video today. Let’s hope that EA doesn’t castrate this game with a terrible DRM like Spore’s, but only time will tell.

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3 thoughts on “Sims 3 Equals Wacky Fun”

  1. So I haven’t played a Sims game since I think the 4th original expansion. Wow, Im VERY impressed with how it evolved. Really that video makes me want to get the sims, it looks great! But I bet I wont…Why? Those games are so addicting you spend hours on them, and being in college will not let me do that without dire consequences. Plus Ill have Fallout.

    My favorite part of those games is house design. Im in the school of Architecture and Im actually going for a degree basically in city design. House building on that game was the biggest part for me, I cheated for infinite funds and built away.

    The Sims 3 looks really good right now. I just dont know if I could get it XD

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