Sonic Rolls for Initiative

Sonic the Hedgehog was just about one of the best reasons to own a Genesis back in the day, but dude hasn’t aged all too well in the recent years. In fact, he is said to be on street corners, selling his fur and… other… unmentionable services to random passersby.

However, things seem to be on the up and up for our dear spiky blue friend, what with Sonic Unleashed showing off totally retro 2 1/2 D gameplay full of all the Sonis tropes we know and love. And now, there’s the Sonic DS RPG that’s set to hit at the end of this month, produced by none other than developer Bioware.

That’s right, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Jade Empire creator Bioware.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood looks to be an action RPG that reminds me so much of Super Mario RPG from the look of it. Bioware recently released a video that goes behind the scenes with the game.

Looks great! Fingers crossed for alien love scenes. The most exciting aspect to me, though? Playing it on the toilet. Srsly.

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4 thoughts on “Sonic Rolls for Initiative”

  1. It looks like an interesting game. I’ve loved sonic but over time he has become less and less loved. Is it sad to say that in the past what? Maybe 5 years? That Nintendo gave him his best in Brawl? I want a decent Sonic came to appear again. And I hope that this will be it.

  2. This is Sonic’s last hope. Bioware might be able to pull it off, but if not, I will never play Sonic again unless he is getting straight 10’s on every review site.

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