Rumor: Warhammer 40k Space Marine Video

A video of a new 3rd person action game in the Warhammer 40k universe titled “Space Marine” is starting to make its way around the web. This is an unconfirmed game, so it’s got “leak” written all over it. You might want to watch this one before it gets taken down!

Edit: The video we had posted was taken down, so this one appears courtesy of Kotaku.

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7 thoughts on “Rumor: Warhammer 40k Space Marine Video”

  1. Its better than G.O.W.

    its the year 40000 and all races of the universe are KILL KILL KILL

    Seriously that rocks.
    Neat links are under that vid. THEY ARE BUILDING A RHINO TANK!

  2. lol @ the person who said its GoW in space, the first Warhammer 40k stuff was released in 1987. >.> Anyway, the “leaked” video looks awsome. :O

    I hope its not just for the xbox360 though :/

  3. i hope they fix the fact the a bolter is a two handed weapon so u could not hold a chain sword. the second thing is space marines are capable of close combat just dependent again in what weapon so it would be interesting to see if u get raped by a Tyranid, Harlequin, or a daemon of khorn.

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