LEVEL UP! Call of Duty 4 Double XP Weekend 9/12-9/14!

Time to dust off that copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and kill some people online! According to Infinity Ward’s blog, IAMFOURZEROTWO, next weekend will be a double experience point frag fest for both PSN and Xbox Live.

I have a gut feeling it’ll have Double XP attached to it for all those hungry for some power-leveling on Call of Duty 4.

I don’t know about you, but I will be online trying to finally get to to Rank 55. I am at 44 or so and then stopped playing to focus on other, more neglected games, but my return is nigh!

So look for Starkiller81 on PSN and let’s blow each other…up!

Leave your PSN or Live Id in the comments if you will be partaking.

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Age: 34 PSN ID: Starkiller81. I've played games since before I can remember, starting with my dad's Atari and I haven't stopped yet. Keep them coming and I will keep playing them.

9 thoughts on “LEVEL UP! Call of Duty 4 Double XP Weekend 9/12-9/14!”

  1. Hmmm… I think it’ll be high time for a few rounds of Search and Destroy this weekend. Look for snark bait on Live!

  2. PSN ID is Oof755 or 75…. I forgot lol. Anyway, time to pull out my dusty copy of CoD 4 and start cracking xD Just when I was slightly tiring of css again.

  3. [quote comment=”331″]I never played CoD4 before, but is it like CS:S with better graphics?
    Such a noobie question…[/quote]

    Um…I don’t know? But I am not a HUG FPS fan and Cod4 is AMAZING

  4. Only thing in CoD4 that’s like CSS at all is Search and Destroy mode, which is basically like a de map on cs.

  5. Your right Anthony. I’m not a HUG FPS fan either. But I’ve never played an FPS where you go around hugging 😛 lol But seriously CoD4 is a lot of fun. I personally don’t have the game though. I just use my friends copy. Maybe I should think about getting my own?

  6. You really should, it’s a good time. Also, this is for next weekend, not this weekend for anyone that’s confused about that.

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