Cheaper XBox 360 Confirmed

Even though the rumors have been all over this for months, Microsoft finally confirmed that the 360 is dropping in price.

Here is the rundowns of the new pricing, as of September 5th:

  • Xbox 360 Arcade $199
  • Xbox 360 $299
  • Xbox 360 Elite $399

Now you won’t feel quite as bad when you get RRoD-ified. Still not as cheap as the Wii, but this probably will make just a few buyers think twice when trying to choose between the two systems. Does this move any of you guys that don’t have one closer to buying?

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6 thoughts on “Cheaper XBox 360 Confirmed”

  1. Great. I just bought and modded an Arcade.

    I have a case mod on it, got an x with 12 different LED colors. The HD and Case are all that’s modded.

  2. Not really. There are only a handful of games for the Xbox360 that I want to play, not enough to justify even 200 bucks.

    Besides, PSN online is free and I get 90% of the features of xbox live for free!

  3. no i think ur right anthony
    PSN is free and its not that crappy
    its just that XBOX Live has had time to evolve and become better
    just give it some time
    and 80gb PS3 is 399 as well
    but the XBOX is always an option
    i could consider it

  4. [quote comment=”320″]Psh, if by 90 percent, you mean 90 percent of them done in a crappier way, then yes.[/quote]

    Oh it on now!

    lol, gamesradar did a special on that and they found that, though it took Sony a while, they got pretty much everything that Live has.

    Without the majority of its owners being racist, homophobic 12 year olds.


    Here I found the link to the story:

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