Square Enix Goes Mad With Power

In a shockingly ironic turn of events, Square Enix has become a corporation bent on raping the planet of its natural resources, draining valuable mako directly from the Earth’s surface. Oh wait, that last bit isn’t true, but somebody at Square Enix is smoking something, and I want in.

This might be an unprecedented move, but it seems Squenix is thinking about charging for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII demo, which was set to appear packaged with the Blu Ray version of Advent Children Complete for free. The 90 minute long demo might end up being sold separately from the film after it comes out.

I for one find this to be pretty deplorable, since you’re asking gamers to pay for the same section of the game twice. I can see packaging the demo with something else (a la Crackdown/Halo 3 Beta), but charging a whole other fee seems a little over the top. Perhaps if they offered some kind of bonus or discount on the final release, then it would make more sense to me from a consumer’s standpoint.

What do you think? Is this news worse than the Halo 3 Beta being packaged with Crackdown, or just the same? Would you even pay money for a demo like this?

Source- PS3 Fanboy

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6 thoughts on “Square Enix Goes Mad With Power”

  1. This is actually better for me. I have Advent Children on DVD and I am NOT buying it on Blu Ray, but I want to play the demo.

    As long as its cheap, I have no issue with this.

    I don’t even buy Blu Ray yet, so this will save me money, b/c there is no way it will be as much as it would be packed in with Advent Children.

    Since I was thinking of buying Advent Children AGAIN just for the demo, this is happy news!

  2. I don’t think i’ll get it. Demo of RPGs tend to be rubbish and are set a bit into it ruining the story (if only a bit)

  3. Regardless, this would make me happy.

    I want to play the demo, but I am not into buying blu ray just yet, especially a mediocre one of a dvd i already have.

  4. Nuuuuuuuu! I don’t want to pay for a demo and then buy the game! What kind of logic is that?! That’s like buying Halo 3’s campaign and then paying moar for multiplayer(not really) but still! I may be a little overboard on this, but that’s bcause I wanted to try it cause I’m a huge FF fanboy. lul. Did the above statement even make sense?

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