Half Life 2 Meets Mr. Cruise

So in possibly one of the freakiest mashups ever, a new video titled “The Combine Interview” is a re-imagining of that Tom Cruise scientology promo with characters and story elements from Half-Life 2. Seriously.

This thing is all kinds of messed up and all kinds of awesome. Two interesting tastes that taste kind of screwed up together.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to run along and find Gordon Freeman.

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6 thoughts on “Half Life 2 Meets Mr. Cruise”

  1. Ha, yeah, Tom Cruise does kind of rule in TT. I’m actually really impressed with the way they kind of simulated HL2’s atmosphere.

  2. I’ve sometimes heard Half-Life 2 called the Citizen Kane of gaming. It definitely has the atmosphere to be its own world in a movie, I think.

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