Fallout 3 Achievements Contain Vault Boy, Win

There are two kinds of people in this world: Fallout 3 nuts and Achievement nuts. Ok, so there are more types than that, but they aren’t concerned with the news that Fallout 3’s list of achievements is now up for your beady little eyes.

I know that some of you don’t care about achievements quite as much as myself, but these are worth checking out for the pictures alone, featuring Vault Boy in a variety of goofy poses and costumes, including one very much akin to a Mr. Norris.

If you’re afraid of spoilers like the titles of story chapters (gasp!) then you might want to stay away from the handy list. The rest of us non-lame gamers will look and revel at the achievements that reward you for hitting a certain level while being a complete bastard. This one could also be called the “how Eddy plays open-world games” achievement.

Also, I had a hearty laugh at the one that rewards you for pickpocketing someone and leaving a grenade or a trip mine. Such delicious devilry will reward me with a higher gamerscore? Genius.

So what do you think? Are you succumbing yet to the hype machine that is Fallout 3? It is starting to trap me in its snare.

Source- XBox360Achievements

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7 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Achievements Contain Vault Boy, Win”

  1. Definitely. Fallout is getting to me as well. What about Far Cry 2? I want that one, too. SO MANY AWESOME GAMES COMING OUT IN Q4!

  2. I will get this for Xmas and I look forward to it.

    That being said, after playing Uncharted, the first PS3 game with Trophies patched that I have played…they are fun, but after I beat it, I still didn’t care about them.

    Any trophies I get are incidental, it just doesn’t float my boat.

    The names of these are great though

  3. You just don’t understand, Anthony! The gamerscore, the gamerscore!

    But yes, I’m particularly interested in the ones that reward you for being evil. I always choose evil.

  4. I am sorry, Eddy. I tried. The thought of going back through levels and killing enemies with a certain gun or finding treasures that I missed just feels like busy work,lol.

    I got 39% of the trophies without even trying,so thats something

  5. Oh Eddy, you are so silly.

    I will get this for PC, because the sexbox 360 will not be able to handle its awesome powers! And just in case things screw up, I have console.

    Im so pumped about Fallout. Bethesda is an unbelievable company.

    Plus, best part, they LOVE Modders. So Expect some freakin sweet Fallout 3 MODs for PC!

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