PAX: Gears of War 2

As many of you know, Gears of War 2 was playable in multiplayer form here at PAX for the weekend. While I somehow missed the Microsoft booth in its entirety yesterday, I got over there as soon as possible today to check out a number of games, most notably Gears of War 2, both multiplayer and single player campaign.

The first thing that impressed me about both modes was the noticeable improvement in the graphics and visuals from the first game to the second. It looks absolutely gorgeous, particularly during the single player campaign. It was super cool to watch the MS guy work his way through the destroyed city level that Epic first showed off back at E3, especially up close and personal.

All in all, I can’t wait until this game comes out, and it looks surprisingly ready to go.

Did you guys play Gears of War? How do you feel about Gears of War 2?

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5 thoughts on “PAX: Gears of War 2”

  1. Odd’s are it will come out for PC in a year or two’s time just like the first one. So don’t worry. I’m sure you will get to play it.

  2. Now I like the GOW story and it was a fun game to go through, something completely different when it came out. I played Single Player all the way through but Multiplayer lost its luster after a while.

    Now Im ready for a FPS that’s a little different and I think GOW 2 might do it, being a cover based system. You think, after seeing multiplayer, that GOW 2 will be like a dose of a brand new game? Or is it going to be like R6V 2, same game with a different title? I think that’s what did R6V2 in, it had one new button.

  3. I read a review once that said that Uncharted for the PS3, arguably had a better cover/combat system than Gears of War.

    Anyone play both games and care to chime in?

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