Weekend Plans: 8/29-9/2 Labor Day Edition

With a long Labor Day Weekend finally here, I thought I would see what everyone’ big plans are. Mine consist of seeing a movie today, probably Tropic Thunder and trying to get some Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in before Monday.

I still have yet to finish Kingdom Hearts II, so I will try to get some of that done, too. On Monday, we are having a BBQ, grilling up some yummy seared cow flesh in honor of all the women who have gone into labor this year. Or to honor workers…oh hell, its a free day off, enjoy it!

I know Eddy is up at PAX (bastard) and he will be filling us in on his antics up there all weekend, so what are your guy’s plans for this weekend? Got any games you are itching to play?

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Plans: 8/29-9/2 Labor Day Edition”

  1. Uncharted rules. Got all my trophies yesterday! Crushing’s not too bad when you get determined NOT to die every 5 seconds. To those of you going to attempt it here’s a tip: Don’t press up against a wall where possible (really) just stand behind a wall and sidestep out to where you can see them, but they can’t see you! It REALLY works!

  2. BTW, Tropic Thunder was actually really funny. It started slow, but if you stick with it, you are rewarded. Tom Cruise’s small role was the show stealer.

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