RoosterTeeth: Animated RedVsBlue Series?

Among the coolest things we saw at PAX today didn’t happen on the showroom floor, where dozens of new games were being brandied about for all to see. Nor was it located in a bag of swag handed to me with Little Big Planet stamped all over the side of it. No, in reality, the coolest thing I saw at PAX today was during the panel for RoosterTeeth, the creators of the Halo machinima “RedVsBlue”. What was it, exactly?

An animated (as in, cartoon) clip of a scene from a potential new RedVsBlue series.

This clip starred all of the characters featured in the popular machinima and web-series, only they were fully animated Halo characters instead of the in-game footage we are so used to seeing on our monitors. It featured several characters attempting an assault on a base, and it was full of action, hilarity, and stunning, colorful animation.

According to Burnie Burns of RoosterTeeth, they’re not quite sure what the future holds for this series, but the concept is incredible, and judging by the laughter of the other 3,000 in attendance at the panel, I think that others agreed.

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7 thoughts on “RoosterTeeth: Animated RedVsBlue Series?”

  1. That’s awesome (the cartoon and LBP swag). I think if such a show were marketed properly, it could have a life next to something like Robot Chicken.

  2. Rooster Teeth is amazing at what they do. If there were to make an animated series I believe a lot of people would watch it.

  3. I’m already hearing rumors that this series will kick-off sometime after Rooster Teeth’s current machinima seris, Reconstruction. By the end of chapter 19, we would see more of the animated project that their working on.

  4. Wow, I’m excited. Mostly about seeing how you guys are going to top that. I bet it’ll be incredible.

  5. [quote comment=”154″]Wow, I’m excited. Mostly about seeing how you guys are going to top that. I bet it’ll be incredible.[/quote]

    I never thought of that. The challenge has been thrown down!

  6. You know, those Red vs Blue guys could take a few pointers from this great machinima group. They’re called ‘Smooth Few Films’, and they made this thing called ‘The Leet World’, which was awesome. Yeah, they should copy those guys.

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